Project Sponsoring Hebbes!

Project Sponsorship Got it!

There is a special gift shop for baby and children's items on the market in Boxtel. This one is called ''Hebbes'' and is a textile workshop for creative people with a mental disability. Hebbes is part of Cello. Cello offers care and services to people with disabilities.

We really enjoyed being able to contribute to this beautiful studio. We have therefore set up a sponsor project together with Hebbes.

The employees of the workshop have made gift paper to wrap our items. They have turned boring white paper bags into beautiful works of art. Each copy is therefore unique. The employees of the studio have worked with great pleasure on this assignment.

While bringing new blank bags, they proudly showed what they were doing.

If you want to order a gift, you can order a beautiful work of art for € 1 extra to package your gift in an original way.

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