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Beeswax | 3 Beeswax cloths

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Store your sandwiches, vegetables and fruit in a sustainable way with these biodegradable beeswax cloths!

These beeswax wraps are a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and aluminum foil, and suitable for packaging food for transport or storage. The set contains 3 cloths in different sizes (18x18 - 25x25 - 33x33 cm), cord and a button. The cloth is biodegradable. A description of use is enclosed.

With the environmentally friendly beeswax wraps you can pack and store your food in a sustainable way. The wraps are made from 100% organic materials, including beeswax and cotton. This makes the beeswax cloths a sustainable replacement for plastic household foil or aluminum foil. In addition, you can reuse the cloths for up to a year! The wraps are also antibacterial and can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. The wraps are easy to use: Simply use the warmth of your hands to shape the wraps into the desired shape. They stay in place and keep your food nice and fresh. After use, they are easy to clean under the tap (lukewarm/cold water!) and ready to be reused.

Most important features:

  • Natural and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and aluminum foil
  • To pack food for transport or storage
  • Contains 3 canvases in 18x18 - 25x25 - 33x33 cm, cord and a knot
  • Biodegradable

Sustainable Products, Environmentally Friendly Materials
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