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Classic Shaving Set | Black

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No more plastic in the bathroom! From now on your skin, wallet and planet will feel wonderfully soft.

Your plastic-free package consists of:

  • A durable Safety Razor
  • 10 razor blades

Classic Razor
Start today with an environmentally conscious lifestyle. With the green-goose safety razor you shave much closer to the skin than when using a disposable blade. This means you have less chance of skin irritation and ingrown hair. A closer shave also means you have to shave less often. This is better for our planet and for your wallet. With the luxurious green-goose safety razor you shave very comfortably and you immediately have a real eye catcher in your bathroom!
Furthermore, the product and packaging are 100% plastic-free , the handle is made of 1810 stainless steel and your latest purchase is very stable in the hand . With normal use, each razor blade will last approximately 7-11 shaves.


  • Sustainable: Metal handle, stainless steel blades. 100% plastic free!
  • Inexpensive: The razor blades are cheaper than the cartridge systems of well-known brands
  • Better shaving result, smoother skin, less skin irritation, shave less often
  • Universal: Blades from other brands fit on the system.

10 razor blades
The super sharp green-goose blades are smooth to work with and provide a smooth and velvety result. They are packed per 10 pieces and fit in every vintage shaver.

green goose
Sustainable Products, Environmentally Friendly Materials

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